Thursday, June 17, 2010

My baby...

First day of school

June 4th (yes that long ago), my baby did it, she graduated kindergarten. We had some bumps along the way and going into kindergarten, we knew it was a big possibility that she may have had to repeat it. Mid-year, she was still struggling a bit. Come March, when it was make it or break it time, her name was still in the retention pile. Her teacher , bless her, kept putting her paperwork back to the bottom. And then suddenly, it clicked. She brought it all together and showed that she could do it.

So without further adieu, I introduce to you, the First Grader....

Last Day (bringing us her kindergarten scrapbook)

Her last day was bittersweet. We are so proud of her for all her hard work. But at the same time, we absolutely LOVE the kindergarten teacher. It's so sad to know that we will never have another child in her class again.

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AnnetteK said...

So glad it all clicked into place for her. Yay for your first grader! :)