Saturday, March 05, 2011

Spring Cleaning - Day 4

Today I needed to clean out the van. After a long, cold winter, and the major occupants being under 10 - it was a disaster. lacking a garage, basically anything that got brought out to the van for any reason, got left in it. I needed the van to pick up the 129 cases of girl scout cookies my Brownie troop sold. At first, I was just going to remove the big things (bags and totes and chairs) and leave it as is until it was drier, warmer and less muddy. Plus the girls penance this spring is to wash and clean the inside and outside of the van for always trashing it. However, after cleaning out the big items, I quickly realized it was just really, really gross and needed to be vacuumed. So a small job quickly turned into a bigger job. But my van is really clean now (once it does get warmer, drier and less muddy, we will take the seats out and fully clean it. And by "we" I mean "them").

One bag of trash was the total removed from the van.

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