Friday, November 11, 2011

Catching Up

It seems like I no longer visit this place as often as I'd like. The past few months have been crazy and fun. Jammed packed yet the flew by. I'm going to do a quick summery of what's been happening the last few months to catch-up.

June - School ended and we had all intentions of doing a science project a day. Impulsive and impatient kids left me with a red stained floor and quickly ended that endeavor. We did some projects over the summer, but not as many as we would have liked to.

Meenie turned 8 and had a fun tie-dying birthday party. Outside, it didn't leave much of a mess, minus the stained fingers.

We hosted a very successful letterboxing event at the end of the month. We had a blast planning it, the weather was wonderful and the attendees had alot of fun enjoying all that we had in store for them. Our theme was "Geeks take over the Park" and all of the stamp theme's were "geeky". We can't wait to host another one soon!

July - We snuck away and took the girls on their first camping trip. We only went for 2 nights, but everyone had a blast! We camped with some friends and tied it into a letterboxing event, so of course, we were surrounded by many people we knew. As we were setting up camp, it was a little rainy - which picked up overnight. The next day dawned gray, but the sun quickly pushed the clouds away. The girls enjoyed camping with their friends and we enjoyed relaxing. It was also night to get away from day to day life and just enjoy the here and now.

August - We started harvesting veggies from the garden. We had a HUMONGOUS crop of tomatoes and were loving the fresh foods we grew as well as what we supplemented from the Farmer's Market. We had plans of lazy beach days in our heads. But midway through the month, Moe had an accident. While canning some pickles, we were all in the kitchen working. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the canning pan filled with boiling water start to slide off the stove. I pushed Meenie out of one door. The big Kid and Eeiney, jumped through another door. But Moe, poor Moe, was in the direct splash zone. She took a direct hit from the water, and stood motionless in the kitchen. In a matter of second, I reappeared and grabbed her. With three kids screaming and myself in pain, The Big Kid took action and called 9-1-1. Our neighbor quickly appeared, along with other emergency personnel. An assessment was done, and declining medical transport, The big Kid to Moe to the ER. They were in and out, with the official damage. Moe had 2nd and 3rd degree burns to her feet. These required frequent doctor's visits, cream and bandaging. Luckily, her feet have healed nicely. Sunblock is a must as the skin heals itself. As of now, their is a slight discoloration where the burns were and the texture is a bit rougher/wrinkly. But overall, the doctor thinks scarring will be minimal. Mentally, she handled it superbly. She smiled and brushed off other's concerns. Other then the "itchiness" while the burns healed, she hardly complained. However, now 2 months later, she has started to show a little fear in entering the kitchen. Often she'll see a pan on the stove and ask if it's on. She'll tiptoe as quickly as she can away from the stove in use.

The end of August, we prepared to head back to school. But Tropical Storm Irene delayed those plans. Hitting over the weekend, it knocked out power for us on August 28th. We prepared a little and never thought we would lose power for any extended amount of time - we never, ever lose power where we are at. We lost power early in the morning on Sunday and it finally returned on Thursday evening. 107.5 hours. While we didn't have it as rough as others - we still had running water as we are on the town water system, we had hot water (a natural gas heater) and could cook - on the grill and on the stove (it too is natural gas) being without lights and electricity was different. The pro's were we spent alot of time together. We made shadow puppets, we told shadow stories. We visited the park (ALOT). We watched a movie outside on a friend's deck (generator powered). We laid on the back deck for hours, watching the stars and meteors. That was the best part, the first few nights before power started to return around us, the sky was simply amazing. The cons - it got dark, and boring, early. The laundry that piled up. No phones (cell phones were down/spotty throughout it all). Needing to go to the store before meals to buy food - anything that needed to be refrigerated. Lack of good coffee. Feeling cut-off from the rest of society.

September - After three days of missed school already, the girls finally returned. 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade was off to a good start. The kids are enjoying class this year so no complaints there.

We attended another local letterboxing event and had a blast as always. The kids are loving the friend's they see at these events.

Our schedule now looked like this:

  • Monday: Meenie had Brownies (every other week)
  • Tuesday: Einey had soccer games 2:30 - 5:00
  • Moe had soccer from 5:30 - 7
  • Einey had Girl Scouts (every other week) 6-7:30
  • Wednesday: Einey had soccer practice 3-5
  • Einey and Meenie had soccer practice from 5:30 -7:00
  • Moe had Brownies from 6-7 (every other week)
  • Thursday: Einey had soccer games 2:30 - 5
  • Friday: All three girls had soccer practice (same fields) from 5:30 - 7:00
  • Saturday: Games at 10:15-11:45 and then 1:00 - 2:30 pm.

The Big Kid took his inhouse exams and passed. Almost finished with school.

The girl's and I went on a Mother-Daughter camping trip the last weekend of the month. We enjoyed spending time with each other, but missed the Big Kid. Hopefully we will have some more time like this in the future!

October - Finally, after 2 years, the Big Kid was set to take his final exams. We got the results this week that he has passed (YAY!). It was alot of work and both physically and emotionally draining on all involved. We are so happy to put that all behind us and look forward to the future.

We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary in the middle of this. We attended a letterboxing event on our anniversary and the Big Kid hung around while a friend and I went out hiking.

A few weeks later, we went to Maine for the weekend to attend another Letterboxing event. It was fun. Everyone had a blast. The girls (and the Big Kid) dressed as zombies. We spent the night in Ogunquit across from the beach. In the morning, we walked on the beach and collected shells (and unbeknownst to me, crab legs) which sat in bags in the van, stinking it up. It still has a little bit of a funk smell. We ate at the girl's favorite restaurant in New Hampshire - The Friendly Toast! And, to add to the awesomeness of the weekend - we saw a porcupine cross the road near the van (unfortunately, it happened so quick, there are no pictures). Now to eventually see a moose!

It snowed (not much but still record breaking) on October 29th. This knocked out power once again to hundreds of thousands of residents in the state once again. We were spared this time, but I'm hoping it's not an indication of the winter to come. last year, we had feet of snow dumped on us so I'm hoping we don't have power outages on top of tons of snow this year.

We celebrated Halloween. In disgust of the Halloween costume choices this year (really, do we have to make every costume as slutty as we can??) we made our costumes this year. Einey went as a zombie (for a few events) and as a Amazon Rain Forest Tree trick or treating. Meenie was a Zombie Kid and Moe was a Zombie Prom Queen.

November - Soccer has ended. But in it's place, the two older girls have choir on Thursday (after school, so I just have to pick them up a little later), art club on Tuesday's (for all the girls - again, just a later pickup). And theater is starting again - that will likely be Tuesday - Thursday evenings. The Christmas show is in Early December and that will roll into Beauty and the Beast (if the girls want to audition). Basketball for the younger two starts in December on Saturday mornings and indoor soccer starts for Einey in January (on Sunday's). Overall, I still think we'll do less running around then we did in the Fall.

And that about sums up our last few months.

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