Saturday, May 09, 2009

A day for moms

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. All week, there has been the squirreling away of gift's carefully made by tiny fingers. There have been warning of not going near windows, or in certain cabinets and bathrooms. There has been voices filled with glee, remarking as we walk into Micheal's "hey, we came here before, want to show you what e got?" And as the light dawns, my voice replying "not today, let's just get what I need, okay?". There has been words spoken by little girls, who so badly want to tell of their creations, their gifts, yet at the same time want to keep it a surprise. I find my self often repeating "stop right there, don't say anymore".

There is also the promise of letting me sleep in and making me breakfast in bed, which if I may say so, scares me a bit. I hear them conversing with each other, asking if hey should make me eggs, or french toast or pancakes? The only problem with their plan is that tomorrow morning, I'll be the only adult in the house. And while I certainly trust Einey with the toaster or the microwave, making eggs or french toast or pancakes is slightly above her ability. Maybe I'll leave out so precut bagels and peanut butter or a bowl of my favorite cereal for them to prepare in the morning.

So in honor of Mother's Day, I'm sending you over to some of my favorite "mom-blogs". So grab a cup of coffee and relax with my "friends".

Clink is my first blogger turned friend. It's weird to say "oh I met her on the Internet, but it's true". Not everyone out there is a crazy person out to get you. Her daughter is the cutest little thing and reminds me so much of Einey when she was little. Clink is great - even Moe hasn't scared her away!

Binky is the one who introduced me to the blog-world. She has two beautiful children, the Boss and Number Two.

Stimey is great. I can see that if her boys and my girls ever got together, the world would never be the same. Stimey writes everywhere, but is also a great resource at giving away the detritus that clogs our lives. Just be careful about visiting, she may send you home with something.

Karen is another super mom with three boys (seriously, I don't know how you guys do it). I hope she knows she's going to need more batteries now that her boys have a Wii.

There are many, many other mother's out there that I admire. But sadly, I don't have the space to write about all of them. So stop by, check out some links on my blog roll if you have time, and visit my friends.

And tell me in the comments who your favorite "mom blogger is". While I'm sipping my coffee and relaxing tomorrow, I'll stop by and read some of your favorites. besides, the girls promised they'd take care of ALL the housework, from dishes, to laundry to cleaning toilets. So I'm off the hook for a day :P


Anonymous said...

Hmm, favorite mom blogger, that is such a hard one. I think any mom who puts her life out on the internet for all to read deserves an award.
Have a Happy Mother's Day. I got one of Bri's present on Thurday, Jimmy's present on Friday and James' present Saturday night. Nothing today but requests for cereal and to change the TV channel.

Clink said...

Moe is one of the most endearing children I've known!

You are very sweet; thank you! Funny thing is I was pretty much said the same thing about you yesterday to Spouse. I'm so very glad to know you!

Oh and you know me; favorite Mommy Blog (of sorts) is The New Girl.