Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cheater Cheater

I am a cheater. A liar. A fake.

I was in change of keeping my Daisies seedlings safe from harm. For the first eight weeks they grew and thrived. And then, once we removed them from their greenhouse dome, they withered and died.

So I did what any leader in my position would do. I went out and brought some replacement plants. The girls were very surprised and happy to bring their plants home this week.


Anonymous said...

WAY TO G[r)O(w)!!!! lol

Suburb Sierra said...

That is too funny because I got herb seedlings I was supposed to keep safe while my parents traveled in mid-April...needless to say I ran to Home Depot as soon as I saw parsley and basil waiting to be sold. We can't be perfect all the time ;)