Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, babycakes!

Today, my baby girl turns five. FIVE!

No longer is she a whirling mass of instability. There is thought behind her chaos now (heh).

She's a thinker, a climber, a coffee drinker.

She loves owls. And friends.

She's considerate and caring. She's independent. A super puzzle solver.

She a kindergartner now. A soccer player. A scout.

No longer my little blue eyed baby.

Happy birthday, babycakes, you'll always be my baby!

Moe's birthday - age 4 (and links to other great Moe-ism throughout the years).


Stimey said...

Wait, wait, wait. Coffee drinker?

(Happy Birthday!)

Clink said...

awww so sweet!! Give her a squeeze for me!