Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Better sleep with one eye open...

Ever have that feeling that someone is out to get you?

Yesterday was a rare morning where Husband had the day off. Even rarer was the fact that he helped make lunches while I was combing hair, helping with belts, ties, shoes and packing snacks. I made Meenie's sandwich while Husband made Einey and Moe chicken ceasar salad as per their request. He added the pasta, the chopped celery, the chopped carrots, the chopped turkey (shhh!) and the dressing. Just like mom makes. But apparently he went a step further and added something else.


When we picked the girls up from school, Moe looked at me and said "I only ate one bit of my salad, it had some red stuff in it". Looking at Husband, I said "what did you add to the salad". "Dried Cranberries he replied". He looked at her and said "but you like dried cranberries". She said "but I didn't know what it was".

Obviously he didn't learn from the time Einey was in kindergarten and accused us of putting poison in her salad for lunch one day (we added bean sprouts, which she likes but had never had in salad).

Obviously, I'll be making lunches from now on.

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Stimey said...

Well. It's good that she's vigilant.