Thursday, October 22, 2009

Soccer Days are coming to an end....

I love that my girls play soccer. I love that they seem to enjoy it. I love that we were lucky and Einey and Meenie were on the same team this year. I love that we only have practice twice a week (as opposed to four times this time last year).

But there are many things I don't like this year. Most of them due to the older girls game times.

U8 games at 2:00 pm. Every other age group plays in the morning. Except u8. I've had a girl on u-8 for 3 seasons now and will have at least one child in this age group for the next 7 season - GAH! Since the games are so late in the day, during the spring, they are just so darn hot. And right now, my kids are a bit upset and hating soccer. not the sport, but because they've missed so many things this year. Due to our afternoon games, we have (or will when the games end in 3 weeks) miss(ed) 4 birthday parties, 2 Halloween Parties, the Great Pumpkin Festival in the neighboring town, 2 Letterboxing events we really wanted to attend and the towns annual Trick or Treat on Main Street. I am squeezing in one child selling GS cookies but only because I took the late slot 4:00 to 5:00 pm. They're upset about it.

Games being on Halloween. They skipped Columbus Day weekend for the holiday but are playing on Halloween. Who the hell cares about Columbus Day? For Halloween, my kids have to miss a party AND the town's Trick or Treat on Main Street. Not that I car about the candy, but my kids like these events. And, since Husband is working, I need to get to two different fields (a game from 11-12 at our home field) hurry home, feed them lunch to make it to the away field at 1:30 for our 2:00 pm game. If we are lucky, we'll leave the field by 3:30 pm and make it home by 4:00 pm. Where I will attempt to feed them dinner, get them dressed and figure out where we are trick or treating. Did I mention I'm alone?

Our soccer league. Not getting into it here, but GAH! Lots and Lots of stuff can fall under this category.

Okay, need to balance this out, it's sounding too negative.

I LOVE coaching. I love all of our little "mini's". I love watching them play and seeing how much they've improved over the season. I love their enthusiasm. I love their theatrics. I love the smiles on their faces when they score a goal.

I love watching the older kids play. To see them work as a team as opposed to an amoeba. I love listening to them communicate.

I love playing in the rain (although not the snow, and not when it's freezing).

I love my kids coaches. They all have great coaches and great teams.

I love the crisp autumn mornings on the soccer field. Sitting with my camera and hot chocolate.

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