Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christmas Conundrum

This year, Meenie happily announced that she would like and American Girl Doll for Christmas. And since she asked for it last year and Santa didn't bring it, that he HAS to bring it this year. She is happy in her belief that she is, in fact getting this overpriced doll. Moe decided that Meenie's getting a American Girl, then she wants one too. Today, Einey , who has never played with dools, announced the she want a Kit doll. It probably has something to do with the fact that despite steering very clear of their store, they still flood my mailbox with catalogs. And the girls get the mail. Meenie and Moe tend to take turns sleeping with the catalog when they come in.

Today I said, well Santa might not bring them, they are very, very expensive. Einey replied "but I thought Santa MADE all the toys. It shouldn't cost anything". Shit.

Then I tried to remind them that they don't even LIKE to play with dolls. The in turn, proceeded to pick out accessories.

So, do I tell them Santa doesn't exist and thus they're not getting an American Girl Doll? Break their hearts by not having Santa bring them a doll? Or shell out the $100 per doll for three? And if we do get them the darn dolls, how do we explain that Santa brought the dolls, but not much else?

We don't want to break their disbelief just yet. So, what would you do?


melinda said...

get 1 american doll label it for all three girls to share with a note from santa explaining that so many little girls wanted them that houses with more than 1 child had to share so he could try to get at least 1 to every household

mom said...

I thoght about getting them one but didn't know the price or even where to buy them now I know why there expensive

Suburb Sierra said...

I like the one doll idea. Santa definitely brings sharing gifts to our house.

And we've explained that Santa has lots of kids and brings the things they think they will enjoy most because he watches them all year and knows what they really like to do.

Or, my aunt asked relatives for gift cards to AG and then when they had enough over birthdays and the holidays they could go pick out their own.

Stimey said...

Holy crap. I would trade in my three girls for three boys who are only asking for Legos.