Thursday, November 19, 2009

In my world

In my world,

Time has no value. Standing in my dining room at 1:20 pm, if you look around, it's either 11:20 or 4:15. Always 4:15. The clocks work. They tick. They tock. But it's always 4:15. Just ask our friends.

Girls can play soccer in skirts.

Dinosaurs wear dresses and fairy wings.

Skirts get worn layered with jeans and pink cowboy boots. Worn with a tee shirt and accented by a blue spider man umbrella. In the sunshine.

Cakes can be for breakfast. And pancakes for dinner.

We wake when we want, never with an alarm.

Kids listen to rock.

We watch Christmas movies in August.

Kids camp out in bedrooms, sleeping on floors.

There are messes and clutter. But also laughter and giggles.

Welcome to my world, it's a great place to live.


Anonymous said...

and people sused to say I was crazy because I didn't have a spotless house and 5 girls at home plus umteen friends well my kids were happy for the most part

Stimey said...


Anonymous said...

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