Monday, November 23, 2009

On mice and little girls

Friday afternoon, the girls auditioned for their first ever play at our local community center - Cinderella. They were very excited and nervous. We've never done anything like this. We arrived for the audition, filled out their paperwork stating who they were and what they were auditioning for and they took each child in one at a time and asked them to sing their favorite songs. My husband went in with them. Einey choose to sing "America the Beautiful". She wanted to sing "Teardrops on my Guitar", but stumbled over some of the words. Meenie and Moe both sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". According to my Husband, they rocked their auditions. Even Meenie who tends to want to do something and then gets cold feet. Usually she'll start of strong and quickly start mumbling while looking at the floor. They all wanted to be royal guests.

Knowing that 100 kids auditions, we told the girls they make not make it in. That one, two or all may make it or not. We explained that it's okay if they didn't make it and that they could try again next time if they wanted to. But above all, we were very, very proud of them for trying.

Sunday afternoon, we got the call. All three girls made it in. Einey and Meenie were cast as Royal Guests/Townspeople. Moe was cast as a mouse. I thanked the director and told the girls. The older two jumped up and down. Moe burst into tears.

"But I don't want to be a mouse". We talked a bit. I told her that mice have very important roles. They help Cinderella get ready for the ball. Her sisters informed her the the mouse was the best part. And she may even get turned into a horse. This induced another round of tears. "I don't want to turn into a horse". We talked some more and she went off to grab a doughnut. I could hear the girls talking in the kitchen. Einey and Meenie were trying to pump her up, saying how the mouse is the best part, and they wished they were the mouse and how she probably didn't want to be a royal guest anyway. I was so proud of how they were trying so hard to cheer her up.

In the end, she decided she'll be a mouse after all.


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Stimey said...

Congratulations to your girls! So fun. And thank goodness all three of them got parts. Can you imagine if only one hadn't? *shudder*

veganf said...

Sounds like fun to read!