Saturday, June 16, 2007

2 am Wakeup

Tires squealing. Crash. Jump off couch. Run upstairs. Husband leaping out of bed. Did you hear that? Where was it? Silence. Nothing to see. Smell that? Burnt rubber. Neighbors in street. Phone. Flashing lights. Police car. It's Graduation night, right? 2:10 am

Last night I was awoken form a sound sleep to the sound of squealing tires and a crash. It appears (from the skid marks in front of six houses) that a car came barreling around the curve in the road and lost control. He seemed to have hit one or two parked cars 3 houses down from us. Unfortunately this is a yearly occurrence during the summer.

Cars drive to fast and cannot negotiate the slight curve in the road three houses up from ours. Or they come flying off the side road.

2006: 2:30 am - Again, the tire squeals and crunch. Looking out the window, there was a car upside down on the sidewalk between a telephone pole and stone wall. It appears that this car came off the side-road at said curve in the road above. Power was out for about 8 hours.

2005: Same scenario, different landing place. The car hit the stonework at the end of neighbors driveway. We called the cops that time. The car left, but as police and fire truck were on the scene, the car came back. Young teens who ended up doing weekend work to repair the stonework and other odd jobs for neighbors. This reminded the neighbors of the exact same crash years before that sent the said stonework flying into the previous owners of my home's cars.

There have been no fatalities.


rebelmom said...

Then why didn't you call 911 like all the rest of your neighbors? Just kidding - I was working last night during the "incident".

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Crazy! Glad no one has been seriously hurt!

Mrs. Chicken said...

I can't believe no one has died yet. Have you ever gone before your city council? They might be able to put up barriers, or something.

I must say, that would make me nuts.