Thursday, June 07, 2007

Summer Vacation - Day 1

Einey started her first day of summer vacation by sleeping in until 8:30 am. When she woke up, she had breakfest and watched a bit of TV (shows she doesn't get to see when she is at school). So far, she hasn't argued with her sisters once (although they have done alot of whining/bickering amongst themselves).

After a little TV, we headed to the park to see our weekly playgroup friends. It was weird needing to watch out for three kids. I have gotten used to just watching out for the two. Einey wasn't to impressed, because it was mostly younger kids. The public schools do not get out for another week. So even though it was kids she grew up playing with, not being around them for 10 months really made a big difference.

But then, one of her really good friends from school arrived at the park. It was great for Einey to see one of her friends. She acted like it had been forever since she saw her friend and not just yesterday. I definitely need to plan some play dates for the summer with her school friends! They had fun playing on the swings and the monkey bars. Einey really needs to work her muscles so she can do them her self. I may make that goal for her for the summer, if she's willing.

After lunch and getting the two younger one's settled down for nap/quiet time, I had some cleaning to do around the house. mainly cleaning out my oven (yuck!) and washing the floors (again! - every time I wash them, someone immediately spills something on it. In this case, it was juice. And milk. And cereal.), so Einey got out some paint and has been making some wonderful artwork. She really likes to make crafts so I will have to plan some art activities for this vacation.

Days on vacation - 1
Kids - Happy
Mom - Relaxed, Happy
House - Clean

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