Wednesday, June 20, 2007

That special friend....

The other day, I got a birthday package in the mail from my best friend. My best friend isn't someone I've known since childhood. She isn't a college roommate. Nope. She is my first and very best "mom" friend. When I was pregnant with Einey, Husband was forever pointing out other moms-to-be or telling me about the pregnant women he saw at work. We took a six week birthing course and at the second to last class, Husband points out the new couple in the back of the room and tells me that she's the lady from the mail room at work. Weeks pass and the babies are born and we don't see them again. I convince Husband to pass on our email addy through an acquaintances at work because at that time, a few other moms from that class and I were getting together to take weekly walks. She contacts us and we've been friends since!

Her daughter and mine have been best friends since. And even though there are now miles between us, daughter still talks about her friends as if she sees her alot. Their first move brought them a few states North of us - just a 4 hour drive away. We made that drive about 1/2 dozen times a year or met them in the middle for the day. Their second move brought them further South - about an 9 hour drive. And now their third move has brought them even further South. So now the day trips or weekends away are kind of out, but there are still phone calls, surprise boxes of goodies and pictures by email. And of course, memories from the past.

So this package arrives and she's done it again. She's gotten me a perfect gift without knowing it. In the box, was a set of five red cereal bowls (or very large ice cream bowls) with a cherry on it. Last year, there were five sailboat plates for out frequent outdoor meals. Whats the significance in 5 red bowls? The fact that they match! In my house, my girls have taken to fighting over their dishes. They are constantly arguing over who gets the Darth Vader plate or the My Little Pony cup. They have even gotten to the point when I pull out their dishes, they lick a plate as if to claim it. Or they grab a handful of food as a way of claiming it. I've gotten to the point that I tell them if I hear them asking for a specific plate, they aren't having it and probably won't eat!

To have all the same dishes for all, eliminates that problem! So once again, thanks for the great gift and for knowing exactly what I need!


creative-type dad said...

I want a Darth Vader plate...!

rebelmom said...

I miss her too.

MMHR said...

love ya girl!