Monday, June 25, 2007

Tollbooth Schmollbooth

Saturday night, Einey and Meenie spent the night at their Mema's house, so Husband Moe and I decided to go shopping. We needed to get Meenie a birthday gift anyway. We were driving East on Rt. 20 and accidentally hopped on the Pike. We were planning on taking 146 S to the Shoppes at Blackstone Valley, but I was not paying attention.

A quick check of pockets, wallets, my purse and little catch-all places in the van yields no cash whatsoever. Just a bunch of pennies. The tool fee for the next exit was $.25. We came up with 25 pennies as we were exiting the pike. So I pull up to the tool booth and before handing the cashier a handful of pennies, say "your going to hate me, but this is all I have". She smiled and said "there are 25 here right" while chuckling. We assure her there were and then decided to ask for directions back to 20. While laughing (after we explained how we came to be on the pike with no cash) she asks "do you have enough for another toll? Um nope, maybe 15 pennies laying around... She was nice enough to shut off her sign and give us directions back to the Shoppes (which we easy and once we got off the exit, we knew where we were anyway) and asked if we had money to spend. Ha!

I blame it on living in a state without tolls. I never use them! And of course, I never keep cash on me anymore.

Thanks for tollbooth operators with a sense of humor!

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Anonymous said...

must I remind you to always have a little change for emergencies or does dad need to give you directions