Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Going Green

I'm not one of these people who is a complete environmental nut-job. I'm also not one who is careless. I tend to be in the middle. So I think it surprised Husband when I told him I wanted some of the reusable grocery bags.

I had one or two that were given to me by the local grocery store when they started carrying them, but they don't fold real well and tend to take up alot of space. But I was getting so sick of the mounds of plastic bags that accompanied me home from every shopping trip. I hate how it seems like you end up with 10 bags for 15 items. Seriously, would it hurt to bag things together. So when I came across these bags:

I had to order them. They came in the other day and I can already say I love them! I used two last night to bring home what probably would have been at least a four bag trip to the store. They were light enough that I could carry them both in at the same time. And the best part is, they roll up into little rolls and can easily fit back into their carrying pouch. The pouch with all five bags easily fits into my purse, so I no longer have the excuse that I forgot them at home.

When UPS first arrived with them, Husband remarked on how small they were. He pulled one roll out and again commented on their tiny size. As he unrolled them, he changed his mind and said "I guess they are not that small". Then he wished me luck on folding it back up. Not only did I fold it right, but I did it again two more times. Yes, I can see, it's going to be fun shopping from now on.

In fact, I am already thinking of attempting to make myself a few more. After all, I did only purchase five. And I'm not quite sure where I put mine from the grocery store (although with it's size, it shouldn't be hard to find...).


Around the same time I purchased these, I also picked up a lunchbox for Husband. Since we will no longer have piles of plastic around, I figured he'd need something else to carry his lunch in. The girls already have reusable lunch boxes as well as sandwich keepers.


One thing Husband and I have remarked about the house that we like is it would be so easy to convert to solar. It already has the forced air heating system. We have been spoiled with this house. We moved in and it already had a solar system as it's primary heating source. It's saved us a ton, and we don't have to worry about oil or gas costs. The system itself is a tad old though, so the panels are a bit bulky (not that we spend much time up on our roof admiring them). And it only provides heat, not electricity. Our next house (whether we buy or build) we'd like to outfit with solar panels to provide both heat and electricity.


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If you like those totes, keep watching. Someone may have brought two and may be using them for an upcoming contest. More about that later....


Candace said...

awesome! I'm going to link to you right now. those bags are too cute! I didn't think I was a green gal either but I'm sort of heading that way.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Ooooo, I love those bags---are they super strong? It drives me crazy when the plastic supermarket bags break open when you have a few cans in them. . .