Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I knew this day would come. And while I am glad that it has come later rather than sooner, it still vastly affects my routine. Yes, Moe has learned how to climb out of her crib. At 3.2 years old, I know I have been lucky thus far. Her sisters were out of the crib much earlier than she.

But it really is a pain in the royal tush. Now at 6 am, in stead of listing to her play/talk quietly in her bed, I her her bump and then make her way to the bathroom all the while loudly exclaiming "I have to pee". The I feel a little warm body squeeze her way onto my bed twisting and turning, poking and prodding. No longer can I steal a few last moments of sleepy bliss.

Normally, while taking the time to shower, I would put her in her crib. Now she climbs out and feels the need to A) either join me (I don't lock the door so I can hear what they are doing), B) make as big of a mess as she can or C) tries to "talk" on the phone.

And nap time is the worst. She has stopped napping a month or so ago, but I would still put her in her crib for quiet time so I can actually, you know get house work completed. Or cook dinner. Work in the garden/yard without her running into the road. Now she just climbs out and either comes downstairs or goes into her sister's room and disturbs her. Meenie doesn't nap, but she knows enough to either sit on her bed with a book or quietly play with her pony's. Moe doesn't have that self discipline to sit (or do anything) quiet. Hence the reason she's still in a crib.

Oh well, what cn you do. They have to grow up sometime.


lgauthier04 said...

guess it's time to turn rhe crib into a little bed

Binky said...

Oh no. I live in fear of this very scenario.

Jenifer said...

You were pretty lucky.... Paige learned this at 2, and gave up naps altogether around the same time. I couldn't even put her in there for wuiet time because she would jump so hard I thought for sure she would break the crib... and she would bang on the walls.... yeah no quiet time here!