Friday, April 04, 2008

Helping Hands

We've all got them. Little hands always there willing to help. Some of us have two, others have four, six or even more. These are the hands that are always there, helping put away food, usually into their mouths as you are unloading your grocery bags, helping with laundry by scattering it around your house and even helping with dishes (no explanation needed here).

While I appreciate the hands that help make their beds, put their laundry away, clean up their toys and clear the dishes*, its the other aforementioned hands I can do without.

Where's this all coming from?

The other afternoon, Meenie had a play date with some friends from school. While I was clearing their lunch dishes, the girls escaped upstairs. Moe was quietly sitting with the dog. And a bottle of lavender scented hand soap. Washing the dog. In the middle of my bed. Have I mentioned the dog is big and I had no way of getting her into the tub, so I had to deal with sponging her off?

Those types of helpful hands I could do without.

* The girls are great. They usually do all the above without any compensation. We do not believe in paying them for small household chores that they should be capable of doing themselves anyway. It's just expected.


Anonymous said...

lol at least your bed must smell pretty along with cedar

creative-type dad said...

I can't even imagine...