Thursday, April 03, 2008

Male Dominance

Yesterday we picked up two new lizards. The girls thought that Charizard needed a new friend. So we picked up two more green anoles, which were quickly named Charmeleon and Charmander. The girls were very excited. However, almost immediately after we put the two new anoles in the tank, they started fighting. It seems like Charizard is a ,ale and so is Charmander. They were puffing their dulaps, bobbing their heads, charging and biting each other. Charmeleon would just run away. We believe she is a female. We had to separate the two males after letting them duke it out for a few hours. Hopefully, they will let me return the little guy.

The thing that irks me, is I specifically asked at the pet shop about males fighting for dominance over the cage and they told me they have never had any problems (I must note however, it was a younger kid and not the person we usually deal with at the pet shop).

Overall, the other two seem to be getting along well.

Note to self: Having two male lizards will only result in a pissing match.

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SciFi Dad said...

I've been trying to convince my wife that lizards are a reasonable pet for kids (less fur, caged, etc) but she can't get past her fear of them.

I've specifically mentioned anoles, actually, but she's not interested.

Your kids are lucky.