Thursday, April 10, 2008

Playing Hookey

Today we played hookey. Instead of housework, we went to the park. After school, instead of yard work, we went to the park. Instead of dinner tonight, we're getting takeout. The girls choose KFC.

Here's my favorite picture of the day.

Yes, I know the shoes are on the right feet. They usually are. At least she has matching one on today.

Be sure to read the following post from this morning. It's the girls guide to YouTube.


Monkey Memories said...

Found you through Shutter Sisters. Love this shot! I can't wait until my little guy is big enough to swing to get one like it!

Anke said...

Oh this sounds like fun! Sometimes you just have to play hookey! Great shot you got there from your cute daughter. Smiles, Anke ;)

Marcie said...

It really was a beautiful day here in New England. Can't blame you one little bit for enjoying the moment..and playing hookey. When my kids were young - I did the same. There were nights when we skipped dinner all together..and indulged in ice cream!!!!