Sunday, April 06, 2008

Little Heathens

Every Sunday, I pack the girls up and we go to church for the 11 o'clock Mass. Our children are being raised in the religion their father was raised in. I, myself, was raised in a non-religious family and only started going to church with my Husband prior to getting married. I've made some of the sacraments of our religion, but have yet to make them all.

But, here I am every Sunday bringing the girls to Mass. Once at church, we join my in laws for the duration of the Mass. Ironically, the weeks we usually miss are the weeks Husband is home. For some reason, with an extra adult, we just cannot manage to make it out of the house on time. Not always, but more times then not.

We've been bringing the girls to Mass ever since they came home from the hospital. We've never really had a problem with them acting out in church, although there are occasions where they are a bit loud. Only once have I felt the need to remove them from church for being disruptive and then was quickly told that there was no need to. Everyone understands.

The older two girls go to a private Catholic school. For our family, it fits. It really is a home away from home and we are grateful for the friends we've all made as well as the education the girls are receiving. The girls are happy and love going to school.

So what have I been hearing from the back of the van every Sunday morning?

"I'm not feeling so well"
Those words were uttered by Husband one week when he really wasn't feeling well. The following week, Einey uttered them in almost the exact spot. Once I turned the car around and got home, she was miraculously cured. Once I realized what was going on, I stopped heading back home. So Moe was probably more than a little upset that I continued on my way after asking her what didn't feel so well and not getting an answer.

Oh and what's their favorite YouTube video? This one. But really, I don't think they understand it.

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toyfoto said...

I find this so interesting. Of all the people I know who are raising their kids in their husband's religion, it's usually the women who end up carrying the obligations.

i know one woman who never converted but always went with the kids. Her husband never went.