Friday, April 03, 2009

As I mentioned before, I didn't have any set religious upbringing.

In fact, I didn't make my First Communion until I was 18 years old. Midnight Mass, Christmas Eve, 1998. It became important to me to make my first communion before we were married. Our wedding was set for October 9, 1999. I didn't wear a little white gown, in fact, I don't remember what I wore. I have yet to make my confirmation, to become a full adult member of the Catholic Church. I don't know why I haven't, but just haven't. I probably should check into that.

Growing up, there was a white gown, with a lace top and a small cross hanging in my parents closet. It was yellowed, but I would sit there and finger the gown and dream about wearing it one day. I believe it was my mother's, but I don't know what the occasion was (she wasn't Catholic). The other thing I coveted was the family bible, passed down on my mother's side of he family.

Last week, my mother, Einey and I went shopping for her First Communion gown. Einey is beyond excited. She's been waiting for this day for over a year, when she first started asking about it.

I started off by grabbing a few 6 and 7 gown's off the rack. We go to the dressing room and found that they were way to big. There were no size 5's. There was one size 4. She tried it on. It fit, but was plain, not even a first communion gown, just white with a bow. She wanted something more. We asked if other's could be ordered. They said yes, we could look in the catalog. Nothing came in a size 4. A few came in size 5. We found a gown that she likes in a 5. it's on order and should come in this week. I hope it fits.

Her invitations have come in. We mailed them out last week. We're doing a small brunch following the ceremony with just immediate family. Her friends will be celebrating with their families. her gifts are ordered and we've started finalizing the menu. We declare to be Switzerland - at our home and her ceremony.

To be continued..... (in May)

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