Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bless me father, for I have sinned

Monday, Einey made her First Penance in a small ceremony at school. It brings her one step closer to her First Communion in May. For those of you not Catholic, First Penance is first confession, where they confess their sins for the first time (yes, at age 7).

I wasn't going to go to the Mass. I didn't realize that they had things to share with their families. It was only when Einey mentioned she was signing at the front of the church, alone, that I decided to go. She did fantastic!

Prior to making their first confession, the teacher sent home some worksheets for us to follow with the kids, to get them comfortable for when the time comes. She didn't want to practice, she was confident and self-assured. I didn't ask what she was going to confess to, I believe that is between her and God (and the Priest). But I hope, that as she grows, when the time comes, she will come to me if she needs to.

Each year, as she makes her journey through school and grows with the chruch, I too am learning. I wasn't raised in a religious household, although that's not to say I was raised without a religion. I was baptized Catholic as an infant. My father is Catholic, my mother was Protestant. I attended CCD (briefly) in first grade. I went to church with friends - Assembly of God, Episcipalian, Methodist. I attended Synogog's and Southern Baptist Masses. I read the bible and learned scripture. I'm glad I got to find my way, to experience other faiths and tradidtions.

We're open with the girls, and answer questions when they ask. But they love their chruch, their religion. I've said it before, their school is like a giant network of extended friends and family. A place of security and serenity.

To be continued.......

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