Monday, April 13, 2009

What's in a name?

The other day, I thought that I'd like to change my name. At that point, the name "Dad" sounded very good. The girls, since starting spring break, have thought that 6:00 am is a fantastic time to start the day. And how do you start the day? With lots of squabbling, running around, playing with the loudest toys possible, yelling and walking in my room every 2.5 seconds to ask a question. I thought I was lucky though, when Husband volunteered to go downstairs with them so I could sleep in. That lasted about 10 minutes before they were back upstairs. I shooed them down while still trying to rest a million four times before one of them came in to tell me they were hungry.
"Go tell your dad, he's downstairs".
Klump, klump, klump downstairs. Klump, klump, klump upstairs.
"Dad's sleeping, can you get me something?"
"#%^@ @%* !&(+?"

This happens anytime I want a bit of privacy. For some reason, dad gets tons of room and tons of time to do what he needs to in peace. I think they're afraid of him :P

But then I hear "I love you mom" and "your the best mom in the whole wide why-orld" and remember how much I love being the mom.


toyfoto said...

Sometimes Annabel mistakenly calls me dad. But I get none of the perks.

Lisa said...

I can totally relate! What a nice post.

Super Mega Dad said...

I've learned to get the kids out of the house when it's my "turn" to watch our early risers. Saturday is her day to sleep in, so I get the kids out of the house as soon as possible and take them to the park, library, farmer's market, and anywhere else I can take them to get them super tired. :) The wife is the one that keeps them home when it's "my turn" to sleep in, so I get the klump, klump, klump and yelling and screaming. Arghhh!

Anonymous said...

HEY, we must live in the same house....sounds like mornings at my place, gotta love'em!