Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The ABC's of Summer - 2009 edition

You can read our 2008 edition here.

is for ants. OMG the freaking ants.

B is for bee stings, ouch!

C is for colored hair. The girls really rocked their extensions this summer. It was well worth it!

D is for digging. I dug and installed a pond in the yard. Even before the landscaping was finished, it attracted frogs. Fun!

E is for exhausted girls. Hiking and swimming really wear you out!

F is for friends. Friends for picking blueberries, hiking and playing games, having water gun fights with and eating ice cream. For sleeping over at and watching concerts with. For swimming and going on rides with.

G is for giggly girls. No sound is sweeter.

H is for hiking, we logged in over 25 miles this summer! The girls did great and can now regularly endure 3-4 mile hikes.

I is for ice cream! We love ice cream. The girls figured out that the local place will give them a scoop of any flavor they want to try first. So each ice cream cone follows a spoonful. The good thing, they've tried (and lied) a bunch of new flavors!

J is for jumping rope and hula hoops. Little girls playing on the deck, rain or shine. It's also for jumping off docks! Einey was so proud to pass the swim test and to be allowed in the deep end, where she could happily jump off the docks all summer long.

K is for kicking soccer balls. We spent one week watching Meenie at soccer camps, kicking away.

L is for letterboxing. We found over 65 letterboxes, planted 18 and attended one event this summer.

M is for mulching the garden. Barefoot. See "x" below. Note to self - wear shoes when gardening!

N is for painted nails. Pink, green, blue. Sometimes alone or all at once.

O is for opening gifts at their un-birthday party.

P is for parties. We ended the summer this weekend with our third annual back to school bash.

Q is for quiet afternoons swimming at the lake. We spent many, many days up at the lake. The kids had a blast playing with the lifeguards and Einey LOVED being one of the few people allowed to swim in the deep end and jump off the docks (you need to pass a swim test first).

R is for rain. We had way more then normal this summer in New England!

S is for studying, studying, studying. Husband went back to school at work and while he's actually on a 7-3, 40 hour work week, so theoretically, should have more time at home, he doesn't. He may physically be home more, but his head is buried so far into the textbooks, a bomb could go off around him and he not notice.

T is for turtle. We enjoyed our summer with the school turtle - even if he tried to bogart my lattes - he swam in our pond while we cleaned out his cage. He's welcome back anytime he wants to visit!

U is for new umbrella's on the deck. A way to sit and relax without the rays of the sun beating down on you.

V is for veggies - fresh from the farm. There is nothing better. It's going to be a long winter!

W is for water in the basement. So. not. cool.

X is for x-rays. Four of them on my right foot. Diagnosis - Phalanx Toe (Proximal) Fracture, right foot. I also got a tetanus shot thrown in for good measure! It should be interesting, soccer starts up again this week and I am coaching my little guys again!

Y is for big yellow sunflowers, waving in the breeze.

is for zzzz which we'll need tonight. Tomorrow is our first day back to school, we'll need to be refreshed!


Stimey said...

Your kids are so cute! And what a great post. It looks like you had a wonderful summer. I'm super impressed by your 3-4 mile hikes. I need to get my kids to do more of that sort of thing.

Clink said...

I loved this!

creative-type dad said...

What a summer!