Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Lists

School starts in one week. Our summer has been great - nice and relaxing, but it's time to go back. The kids are getting antsy. And while we've enjoyed limited sunshine and warmth this summer, the heat is finally here - I actually hope it cools down before the kids start school.

All over Twitter and Facebook are posts about back to school shopping. It used to make me sad, thinking about all the clothes I wouldn't be buying my kids. But then I actually think about how much I save on not buying clothes for back to school, about not battling the kids in the morning about outfits to wear and I think I've actually made out better in this deal. When Einey started kindergarten - we took her out on a big shopping spree. We brought her all kinds of new clothes for school. That she never wore. With Meenie, we brought her a few outfits and then just replaced as needed. For Moe, I picked up a few things on Etsy. But again, my kids have Moe clothes then they need. I look at the piles needed to be folded, the full hampers and wonder how they could possibly have any more clean. We don't buy them many clothes - they get them as gifts, as hand-me-downs. They don't grow fast.

For school clothes, I needed to pick up more uniforms. This will be the first year with two in uniforms - next year, all three will be in them. For girls, they actually have a lot of options - to mix and match. Einey is going on year three of wearing most of the same uniform we got her in first grade. We've had to replace shoes each year, some shirts and get longer pants. For Meenie, I was given some hand-me-downs, so I only had to buy a few items.
  • Plaid jumper
  • Short sleeve Peter Pan collared, button up shirt
  • Red tie
  • Blue knee hi's
  • Brown or back Dress shoes
  • Long sleeve button up shirt
  • Blue uniform shorts
  • Blue pants
  • White crew cut socks
  • Sneakers
  • Short sleeve polo
  • Long Sleeve Polo
  • Red Gym Shorts
  • Red Gym Pants
  • Red Sweater
  • Red or Blue Cardigan
Now onto the individual classroom lists.

Third Grade:
1 backpack (still using the one we got for kindergarten)
6 wooden pencils, sharpened
3 Lg. erasers
1 handheld pencil sharpener (with collection well)
1 pair Fiskars metal scissors
12 inch ruler (standard and metric)
2 ruled marbled composition notebook
2 lg. glue sticks
8 oz. bottle Elmer's school glue
2 pocket folders
2 red pens
colored pencils
1 set watercolor paints w/ brush
2 white board markers
1 old sock to use on white board
multiplication flash cards
1 plastic storage box for supplies
1 box of gallon sized Ziploc bags
3 containers of antibacterial wipes
3 boxes of tissues

First Grade:
5 pencils, sharpened
1 lg. eraser
1 pair Fiskar metal scissors
12 inch ruler (standard and metric)
2 wide ruled marbled composition notebook
2 lg. glue sticks
1 bottle Elmer's school glue
1 back pack, no wheels (still using the one we got for pre-k)
1 handheld pencil sharpener (with collection well)
1 pocket folders
colored pencils
1 set watercolor paints w/ brush
1 set fine point white board markers
1 standard blank cassette tape (Still haven't located one yet)
1 plastic storage box for supplies
1 containers of antibacterial wipes
1 boxes of tissues

and Kindergarten:
backpack (still using the one we got for pre-k)
1 plastic view two pocket folder
1 pair blunt fiskar scissors
1 pair paper edger scissors
art shirt
box of 16 crayons
box of tissues
1 set wide washable markers
1 set watercolor paints and brush
$15 for other supplies
1 pencil
1 sponge
1 elmer's glue
1 container of disinfecting wipes
4 glue sticks
1 12x12 top loading scrapbook
3 boxes of clear 300+ count glue dots
$15 of scrapbooking supplies

And then whatever else gets requested as the year rolls on. I think we're ready for school as far as clothes and supplies go.


Clink said...

have the tape! I will bring it back with me.

Suburb Sierra said...

I'm thinking we made out pretty easy with our lists - blank cassette tape? Do they still make those :)

Super Mega Dad said...

Our school started last week. :(

We didn't get any lists this year. I was starting to get a little worried, so I talked to the teacher yesterday and she said that she tries not to require parents to buy anything during the school year. I think I like this teacher all ready. She's playing to my inner cheapskate.

She DID say that we could donate stuff for the class like glue sticks and the like. I'm totally OK with that. ;)

Stimey said...

I don't buy school clothes (or uniforms). I figure their summer clothes are good enough. At least for the next couple of years.

Anonymous said...

I love uniforms. It makes mornings much easier.
As for the lists, ours were not bad, but we had to find three wide ruled notebooks, NOT easy tear. I don't think they exist. So I bought he esay tear ones for 5 cents each and the teacher can deal with it.