Monday, August 03, 2009

Unbirthdays and kids quotes

Last week, we celebrated the girls (and a friend's) un-birthdays with some friends who will not be around for their birthdays this year. We had a cookout and there were many, many games and prizes for the kids.

A few days later, I was talking to Moe about her upcoming birthday and trying to get some ideas for a theme from her.

Moe: You mean my six birthday?
Me: No, your fifth birthday. Your going to be five this year.
Moe: I'm already five.
Me: no, your only four. Your birthday is in September, remember?
Moe: But I had my birthday the other day with Auntie.
Me: You celebrated your un-birthday, it wasn't your actual birthday. You didn't turn five.
Moe: But I got pre-sents!
Me: Still not your birthday, your only four.
Moe: No I'm not.
Me: yes you are and I'm not arguing with you.

Then last night.

Moe: I am whee. I'm going to be four soon.
Me: No, you are four, your going to be five.
Moe: But I had an un-birthday, remember? I was four, not I'm whee.
Me: Ughh, not again.


Quote of the week - Einey.

"I know I can play, it doesn't have any bad words, you know, not like the words dad says".



Quote of the week - Meenie.

"I don't know what the he's saying, I don't speak turtle"


Quote of the week - Moe.

"Momma, you should try that"

By that, it was a super trim your belly in 20 days and lose a ton of weight informerial. Gee thanks kid... It may also have been Meenie that uttered those words, am trying to erase it :)


And my moment of the day came last week when the girls were at VBS. I had stopped and gotten myself a nice large Latte and was happily sipping it while playing FaceBook getting work done. I heard behind me, the unmistakable sound of the turtle bumping the glass. This happens when he gets excited. So I found myself giving the turtle the stink eye because he wanted my coffee.


Suburb Sierra said...

Too funny. Abby still thinks she's going into second grade and I keep reminding her it's first grade.

Why do they want to be older than they are? :)

Alex Elliot said...

That is so funny! I particularly liked the bit about the infomercial!