Thursday, May 17, 2007

Not her mother's daughter...

Einey proved today how unlike me she is. I have always hated public speaking, tending to be introverted. As I've matured, I've become more outgoing. Husband has for as long as I've known him, been extroverted.

So today, daughter's class was doing the Assention Mass at school. (ok, I'll admit, I wasn't sure what it was, only that it's a Holy Day of Obligation). I sent daughter to school in one of her nicest dresses and made my way to her "school-church" at the appropriate time. The kindergarteners started off by walking into church singing. Then Mass started as normal. At the Responsorial Psalm section, daughter and two other's walked up to the podium to do reading. The first two kids spoke fast and quietly. They were very hard to understand. I expected the same from daughter. Then we heard a nice, strong, articulte little voice! She was simply amazing. I was so proud of her! I never knew she could speak like that. Now I'm not sure if it is because she is so small, that you could only see her head over the top of the podium (and thus she wasn't speaking right into the mic) or if she is jsu tgood at public speaking. Whatever it was, I ma soo proud of her. Mass continued with the kids bringing up gifts for the local pregnancy center and singing "Jesus Loves the Little Children". The last thing the kindergarteners did was a small skit about the Assention of Jesus Christ.

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Lauren said...

Yay Einey!!!! That sounds so cute!