Thursday, May 10, 2007

There are just some reasons that motherhood isn't a man's job...

Reason #6,785 that the Tooth Fairy shouldn't be male

When the "Tooth Fairy" is helping to deal with a sick kid, but is told by her assistant that it's all taken care of, assume that you need to still do the job. Don't wait until your daughter wakes up in the morning crying because the tooth fairy forgot to visit her again (the first night was just forgot). Don't assume that his "it's taken care of" means he did the job. All that mens is he put the tooth box under her pillow before she fell asleep.

Reason #6,797 that the Tooth Fairy shouldn't be male

What do you do when you can't find any one's to slip under the pillow? Put a ten under there of course! After all our debating and talking to friends to find out what was an acceptable amount, because we thought $5 was too much for a tooth, what happens? She gets ten. And of course, she knew right away what it was. I was quite shocked when I heard the squeals of "
Woah, what the... The Tooth Fairy left me ten dollars. " Of course, he could have just asked for a few ones (we had to make up for missing two nights).

Reason #6,856 that the Tooth Fairy shouldn't be male

The whole Tooth Fairy deal is the Tooth Fairy takes unwanted baby teeth to build her castle. In return, she leaves a little something for the child. It's a good thing I found the baby tooth still nestled in the bottom of the box instead of Einey, or I am sure she would have completely lost her faith in the Tooth Fairy.

Some jobs should just be left to Mom! Needless to say, we made alot of mistakes this go-round with the Tooth Fairy, but hopefully next time will be better!


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Hilarious! Oh dear, $10!!!! That will be one expensive mouth! : )

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, sounds like the Tooth Fairy needs a little more training! It is going to be hard to explain that $10 when the TF only leaves a couple ones next time, good luck!