Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feeling Blue

If things had gone according to the package, I would have two little girls walking around with Turquoise hair. Over winter break, my kids wanted to dye their hair. We used some spray on stuff from Halloween, but it flaked off in minutes. Yeah total crap it was, but we didn't have high hopes.

I promised them that over the summer, we'd do it right. We'd get the good stuff and they'd have colored hair all summer. So summer vacation is hair. I did my research and picked up some Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair dye - Turquoise (which came highly recommended everywhere, it was supposed to be THE hair dye to use). I read the package, I followed the directions and nothing. Totally freaking flop and a waste of money. Meenie and Moe both have a slight greenish tinge to their hair, but you have to look REAL close. I've talked to a few people who have used their products in the past and they are also quite surprised. Epic FAIL.

So for now, the girls still have normal hair. I guess my next step is to visit the local hair salon and get a colored strip glued into their hair. Not what we were going for, but it's going to have to work :(


Clink said...

I'm shocked the Manic Panic didn't work!

Karen said...

go red - get some good quality henna. it will be awesom & is really good for the hair

Swistle said...

This is so disappointing. If I tried Manic Panic, I would expect MANIA. I would not want greenish tinge. Maybe it was a defective kit. Maybe if you complain to Manic Panic, they will send you more, and perhaps a second color for INCREASED MANIA.