Friday, June 05, 2009


I stole this idea from Mrs. Chicken who you should check out if you haven't read her already. She's headed East soon, so maybe she'll honk on her way by.

Sixteen things I can't live without this summer

1. Lazy days at the lake. If it's like the last two years, it will be us and 2-3 other local families at the town beach. Nice and relaxing!

2. No schedule. No time constraints. Just us and summer vacation. Free!

3. Husband working only days. No nights, no weekends. For the first time in FOREVER! Seriously, I can't imagine having him home like normal (and this will be for 2 years! Of course, since he's in school, it also means loads of studying).

4. The ocean. Hopefully we'll make it to the Cape, even if it's just for one day.

5. Berries! Our strawberries are up, and in another month or so, we'll be enjoying fresh raspberries in the backyard.

6. Hiking. We've been doing ALOT of hiking this spring and I can't wait to take the girls on longer hikes.

7. Ice cream. There is nothing like fresh ice cream from the summer stands.

8. My parent's pool.

9. Fresh veggies from the farm share we joined.

10. Having my Husband home at night (yes this needs to be on the list TWICE :) )

11. Iced Latte's.

12. My garden's. I added alot of late summer/fall flowers to my perennial beds last year and I can't wait to see which one's will come back.

13. Spending time with friends.

14. Picnics and parties.

15. Sandals. I'm getting new one's for my birthday on Monday. Currently they are sitting in a box in my kitchen waiting for me. Just waiting.....

16. Fall- which comes after summer. Husband and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary in October and are stealing away to Maine for the first time without kids. For a few days!

What are you looking forward to this summer? Tell me in the comments or write your own post, and link back here.


Clink said...

heh, I am looking forward to air conditioning...and you possibly coming to see me and Riley while I sit in it.

oh and your new puppy didn't make the list?

Mrs. Chicken said...

Love it! Maybe we'll bump into each other on the cape.