Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Meenie completed kindergarten today and we attended her kinderbration. This years theme was the Rodeo. It was great! At the conclusion, the teacher gave each child their kindergarten scrapbook (each child makes their own - they are awesome, I have one from Einey as well) to give their parents. I an so amazed at how much she's grown this year, both physically and intellectually! The pictures from the beginning of the year make her look so little!

Moe's preschool graduation is tomorrow, but she goes back Monday for 1/2 the day for kindergarten move up day (so since her normal schedule is Mon.-Wed., Monday is her last day). Einey finishes on Wednesday the 17th. But the 16th and 17th are 1/2 days and include family cookout, Mass and awards ceremony. She's so ready to be done (she didn't want to go back this week after missing Friday being sick). I'll have 2 mornings free with just Meenie. I'm looking forward to it, we don't get alot of time alone together!
So a week from tomorrow, we are officially on summer break. Woo Hoo. Maybe I should stock up on wine now?

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Gruppie Girl said...

We have nine more days of school here.

And yes, you should run to the package store immediately. ;)