Saturday, June 13, 2009

No time to call....

My friend and I coach a micro soccer team. Our team, the Dolphins, consist of 10 three to five year olds. They're a great bunch and we really enjoy doing what we do. But... You knew there was going to be a but.

However, some things tick us off. It's not the tantrums. It's not the kids running off the field at random times. It's not tying shoes and dusting off knees. Nor is it stopping battles over specific balls (how they can tell the difference baffles me). It's the parents. Now don't get me wrong, they are great. And they do what any sport parents should do - they cheer their kid on and they cheer the team on. The sit on the sideline and gossip. That's great.

However, when they fail to show up for practice and or games, that irks us. Last night I hurried to the field for practice. The other coach stayed home with her sick son. I get to the field a few minutes early and they're no one there. Fine I'm early. I wait. And I wait. And one parent shows up. One parent out of a team of 10. You do the math (other coaches kid - who we knew wouldn't be there + Moe + kid who showed up does not equal 10). Of those other 7, we knew two were iffy, but probably would not make it. SO that leaves FIVE parents, who couldn't bother to call or email to say they couldn't make it. Five parents who showed up to the game today. Five parents who did not say anything about missing practice. Sadly, we had this happen three weeks ago. Both of us coaches were there, with popsicles, and the same child who showed up last night was there. And SEVEN kids didn't show up. It's not like we're hard to get ahold of. All the parents have both of our phone numbers, our cell phone numbers AND our email addresses. It takes all of 5 seconds to call and say "hey, we can't make it to practice".

We don't get paid for this. We take time out of our week to teach their kids about soccer. And that's the thanks we get (we didn't get any coaches gifts or thank you's last season either - not that we're bitter). And it's not like the parents don't like us - they're always telling us how much they like what we do and how much they're kids love coming to practice. And all the kids who played soccer in the spring from our old team in the fall came back (they had the option to request another coach).

So yeah. Apparently our time isn't worth much.

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Karen said...

oh, that's horrible. sometimes I think we really are going to hell in a handbasket! yikes! you certainly deserve more courtesy.