Tuesday, January 02, 2007

365 Day Project

I decided to take Lauren up on her challenge.

However, I am fairly positive you do not want to see 365 days of me! So I am going to do 365 days of random pictures. Things that catch my eye and make me smile.

I was also a day late in starting that blog, but since I took some pictures yesterday, I decided to not let that stop me.

Let's hope I keep the camera charged!

The link is on the side if you want to take a look.


Lauren said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy you decided to do it! (I wouldn't mind seeing 365 pictures of you btw, but I'm excited to see what you come up with.

It's going to be rough going, but it'll be you and me babe for the whole year. We can do it!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!

rebelmom said...

Thanks for the link!
Good idea, Lauren.