Monday, January 22, 2007

Moe and the Hamster

For the past two years, we've had a cute, fuzzy little rodent living on a shelf in the playroom. He's the only one we haven't gone out of our way to get rid of. He has lived a quiet existence, except for the one time Einey poked her hand in and got bit (she was 3 and we had just gotten him). His name is Rainbow the Wonder Hamster. The other day, I noticed he had chewed yet another hole through the cage (it's his second since we got him). Knowing he is nearing the end of his existence on earth, we borrowed a glass cage for him.

And that's where the problems started. The playroom shelves were built around the measurements from his other cage.

His new cage was too big to fit back on the shelf, so we put him behind the couch.

Last night I hear the poor little guy screaming (its a pitiful sound) and Moe laughing. I go in and Moe has the cover off and she is squishing him with a plastic tube. I rescue him from her and he was breathing quite heavily. After a few minutes, he was back to normal.

This morning, I returned home and noticed the cover of the cage was off. I asked husband if Moe had been in the cage again and he said he didn't think so. I go in and no hamster. Now I am frantically looking for him, but luckily, he had just fallen to the floor below and not ran away (there were some cushions there which softened his fall). I managed to get him to climb in a tube and put him back in the cage.

Now, Rainbow the Wonder Hamster has a new home way up high.


Mrs. Chicken said...

Thank Goodness you found him! My sister had a hamster when we were young and one day she had him in one of those exercise balls that roll around on the floor. Someone opened the door.

We never saw him again.

By the way, I am totally jealous of those shelves. And the fact that you have a playroom.

Whirlwind said...

The girls keep asking for a ball for him, but I know they would try to play soccer with him.

Husband built the shelves last year (if you didn't see the whole thing, it on the next page of the blog in older posts.) They really help! And they are built into the wall, so as Moe tries to scale them, they will not tip over.

Teena said...

Go, Rainbow, go!