Saturday, January 27, 2007


Two is….

…wanting Mommy only when she is busy with someone else.

…constantly taking your clothes off.

…wearing shoes all the time until it is time to go outside or when you are in the car. Then there are no shoes to be found.

…changing your mind the minute Mommy gets you a drink/food/you dressed.

…playing musical chairs at dinner time.

…asking for one more drink/to brush your teeth/another story/anything to stay up a little later at bedtime.

...saying “NO” all the time.

…having a favorite color (“blue”) and number (“two”).

…giving kisses and hugs for no reason.

…being so incredibly cute that it’s hard to punish you.

So these are some things I’ve noticed with Moe and her friends. If anyone wants to add to the list, feel free to add in the comments section.


Jenifer said...

~Thinking you are the boss

~Being told not to do something and immediately repeating the act.

~Having a favorite saying "No, i don't want to."

~Finding more interesting things to do with your food besides eat it.

That's all I can think of right now!!

MMHR said...

We had a trail of shoes to follow one Easter when little miss tried walking in all the different shoes she found by the door. This continued until aunty's perfect, noisy little heels were found!

-Toddler/ two's rules for shoes-

"I love to find shoes, the larger the better, clickity heels are divine...The shoes that are boats rarely do ever float but oh my the treasures they'll hold.
The colorful sequins that fill the store isles could keep me busy for days...but my shoes that have laces should be left in odd places for those I'd prefer not to wear"

Happy day!