Sunday, January 14, 2007

What's in your Crib?

Hi guys, Moe here. So lately I've been giving my Mom a hard time about going to sleep. After all, who wants to be alone in the dark? And I swear she lets my sisters stay up later (even though she tells me she doesn't). It's just not fair, they get to sleep in the same room. me? I've got nobody. Except Elmo, but he can be boring. Once I tried to force feed him some fruit snacks but he wouldn't even chew them. Mommy gives me some books to read, but duh, I can't read them. I do like looking at all the pictures though.

So this brings me to my big question, what's in your crib?

In mine, I have my Dora pillow, which if you remember, I like to sleep under, my other two pillows, Elmo, Mommy and Baby Wormy, a few babies, Curious George (he was my Dad's), Pink Bunny and my three favorite blankies (the pink one, the one with bugs and the striped one. I usually have some books tossed in as well. On the side of my bed is the fishbowl. I prefer the birdie one as it lights up my ceiling, but Mommy says it needs batteries and we don't have the right size. I think she's lying to me because it's "needed batteries" for months now and I know she's gone to the store since then.

These are my sister's beds. The one on the bottom is Meenie's. She has a lot of pillows! The big one is her "12 dancing Princess Pillow", then she also has a Strawberry Shortcake pillow, a butterfly pillow and a star pillow she got from one of the nurses at the hospital. She got a cool new quilt that Mema made her. and a big pony. Right now she has kitties and poodles on her bed but usually she sleeps with her Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

The bed up top is Einey's. She just got it yesterday. It looks so cool, but Mommy and Daddy told me I am not allowed up there. I'll show them. One day when they aren't looking, I'm going to sneak up there. She has just 3 pillows, like me. She has a big pillow with hearts, a butterfly pillow and a My Little Pony pillow. And she also has a new quilt Mema made her. It matches Meenie's and the flowers on their wall.

It's not fair I tell you. I didn't get a new quilt!

So guys, show me your cribs! Post in the comments and I'll come visit!


Lauren said...

Wow, you girls like you have some pretty sweet cribs!

Lessee. In my bed right now, is a 5'11" boy, 4 pillows, and fleece sheets. Not as interesting as your beds with all of those cool quilts and toys.

Thanks for showing us your rooms!

creative-type dad said...

I think there's a half-bottle of don perignon and red M&M's in my kids crib.

She was hanging with Britany's kids...