Saturday, January 13, 2007


It seems that it was just National De-Lurking Week, but I missed it because I'm late. Well being late is nothing new to me, so I'm asking you now to leave a comment. I know there are readers out there! So just leave a comment to let me know you've been here. The best think is, you don't even need a blogger account!

So far this year, we've done alot of nothing. And you know what, it feels great. I love not having anywhere to go or anything to do. I love being able to spend the day in my pajamas (well I could have if I didn't need to bring Einey to school everyday). I love just spending time with my family. The stress levels for everyone have been way down. The girls are listening and the parents aren't yelling. It's a win-win situation. Now if I could just get the dog to not eat out of the garbage can...

It seems though that on the occasion we do go out to visit friends or go to story hour, my kids catch another cold. Every time I get the coughing to stop and the noses clean, it lasts for about a day before they are hacking and spewing snot all over the place. It's been weeks now! And this is very uncommon for us, we are all normally very healthy. I guess it was bound to catch up with us sometime! It also appears that Einey may have an ear infection

In other news, Einey's mattress is due to arrive this morning. She is very excited about having her own bed. That's right, you read that correct, her own bed! To save space (and because she and Meenie were soo small) they have been sharing a bed for the last year and a half. They started off snuggling each other but as they grew, the ended up on either side of the bed. I'd like to say they quietly shared secrets as they fell asleep, but then I would be lying to you. In reality, they did talk as they fell asleep, sometimes even reading o each other, but usually that would evolve to jumping on each other (which I can't figure out how as they had the bunk bed frame above them) and lots of noise. So now we are going to actually put the ladder up so Einey can access the top bunk. She is very excited.

Moe is still giving me a hard time going to sleep, but as I found out this week, it is usually only when daddy is home. Since he's been working nights this week, she hasn't been too bad. We had a bit of an issue last night, but once I got her calmed down and asked her what she wanted, she told me another story (Her story time was cut short because she was jumping on the bed and I made her go in her crib). So I read her one more story and then she told me she was ready for bed. I put her down and didn't hear another peep out of her.

Meenie has been wonderful lately. She was always a cranky baby and hyper toddler. But lately, she's been very polite and very nice to everyone. She's listening to us and helping out around the house. I am very happy with how she has been lately!


Jenifer said...

I'm glad to hear everything is going so well for you!

I hope once we move and get settle sin our new house that the stress levels will decrease for us also!!

Mrs. Chicky said...

One good turn deserves another.

*waving* Hi. *waving*

Good luck with the new bed.

Ally said...

I was just clicking around and thought I'd "de-lurk."

I'm loving doing "nothing" today--everyone needs a break every now and again.