Friday, March 23, 2007

Feeling Better...

The stomach bug only seemed to have affected Husband and Einey (unless of course, it shows up over the weekend in someone else). Einey went back to school the next day and all is well on the home front except...

I now have a killer sinus infection. I can't complain much because I used to get frequent sinus infections and over the last few years, I haven't had any. Unfortunately the Sudafed PE isn't working so i need to try something else (as long as I haven't used my allotted decongestant purchase for the week. What really bugs me is when you have a family of 5 (most of whom are prone to allergies and require a decongestant at the same time) but you are limited to how much you can buy. How do you pick who can get relief and who can stay miserable and snotty?

Anyway, that all that's up here.

Edit: 9:00 pm I was able to pick up some Tylenol Cold and Sinus today, but I still feel like crap. My head is pounding, my throat hurts when I talk (so the kids are going to get away with alot the next few days) and my chest hurts when I cough. I can't take anything to knock myself out either as Husband is working nights and I don't want to be unconscious if needed.

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