Friday, March 16, 2007

Real Moms let their kids watch TV...

Courtesy of Kristen's Real Moms Meme, in search of the Real Mom Truth.
Brought to me by Binky.

Real moms know the power of TV.

Real moms know that TV isn't all bad. Real moms know what it takes if they want to:
hit the bathroom in peace,

get some chores done,
spend some quality time with their husband before older kids come home,
relax by the computer, reading blogs and drinking a latte,

cook supper,
take a bath without having company.....

the list goes on....

What else can distract a toddler so that you can get things done? It can even be educational, if you pop in Baby Einstein, Leap Pads Letter factory, TMBG: Here come the ABC's and many others.

I tag:
Mrs. Chicken
Mom- 101

unless of course, you've already been tagged, in that case.
Shit, I've got nothing.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

YES! (said as my sick 2 year old watches his 100th Thomas the Tank Engine episode---sometimes you do watcha gotta do)

Mrs. Chicken said...

Love this! So very true! Binky tagged me and so I'll do it for both of you.

toyfoto said...

Oh my lord, without Curious George we'd be eating off of paper plates.

Mine is up.