Thursday, March 01, 2007

Miss Independence...

This week, Einey has entered a new phase in life. She is trying to carve out an inch of independence in this crazy household. She shares a room with her sister, while Moe has the room to her self. As Moe gets older and sleeps regularly through the night (she still on occasion, wakes up which is common in toddlers). Eventually ,we will probably reverse the sleeping situation, giving Einey, as firstborn, a room to herself. However, with three bedrooms and 5 people living in this house, some of us have to share.

At a friend's house the other day, Einey saw a sign on her friends door which read "Get Owt of My Room". The sign was put up to deter his two younger sisters, neither of whom were at the reading age, from entering his room. As the only boy in a four child home, he earned that single room.

This morning, after dropping Einey off at school, I noticed this note she left on the Magna Doodle:

The fact that she has to share her room has not deterred her from trying to keep the others out. The fact that she does not have a door on her bedroom has not deterred her from making a sign. The fact that her sisters cannot read has not deterred her. The fact that she told me after school, that she only one's one of her sisters to stay out hasn't deterred her.

As other friends are dealing with their children learning new words, and thus asserting their independence, we are entering the need for privacy phase.

There is a whole world to explore out there and she is one step closer to being ready to explore it alone.


Anonymous said...

coming from a large family of sister you have been there and know the feelings for wanting your own space

Fairly Odd Mother said...

"I want my pwivacy" is what my 3yo always says. Love the sign. I'm not sure about Einey but my oldest (6) goes through stages of wanting to be independent and then acting like she is 2 years old---all within minutes!

Anonymous said...

That's cute "Git out".. hehe

There comes a time when they want their own space hey?