Monday, March 05, 2007

In Training....

Husband introduced Einey to his favorite hobby this past weekend. He ran her through a dungeon, delve style. Capturing the treasure was the objective, which she completed with her whole party left. Her party members were a Dwarf Sargent, Elf Warsinger and Dragonmarked Heir.

They started off with her coming down the stairs into the first level of the dungeon. She decides to take the passage to the left. Through the first door, and she spies a statue in the corner.

"Mom, what do I do?"

"Do you see it moving"

"It's a statue, it doesn't move"

"Just ask."

"Is it moving?"

"DM: Roll your D20" 14. "You see it blink it's eyes".

Einey picks up the piece to inspect it.

"Use your imagination honey"

"Now what"

"Shoot it"

After two rounds, she made her first kill and defeated the Gargoyle in the corner.

Her next encounter was a Sorcerer and his "pet rat". She took out the rat first, with a little help as she tried to "target" her party members with her fire and ice spells.

Next up was some dragons? And lastly was a troll at the entrance of the Treasure Room. She defeated the troll and claimed the treasure. She leveled up her characters picking a +1 to attack bonus for the dwarf and Dragonmarked and a second cure spell for the Elf.

Some things I observed with Einey were she was adding her own dice rolls to the bonuses on the cards (much quicker than some older players we have played with), she was reading the correct information off the cards (i.e. dmg) as she went along in the game and she knew if she rolled over the AC. They both seemed to have alot of fun playing! As she walked into different parts of the dungeon, she would chant "I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid"! I really wish i had a video camera to capture "her first game".

Husband made up this adventure as he went along, but has already started to plan the next one.


creative-type dad said...


Next thing you know, she'll be playing Worlds Of Worldcraft -

Ryan's Calamity said...

Adorable.. Oh aren't they so fun??

It just goes too fast..