Monday, March 12, 2007

The Joys of Spring...

Today was a beautiful day. The temperature topped 58 degrees so we decided to hit the playground after school. A few friends met us there and we had alot of fun.

There was just one problem.

Spring equals melted snow equals muddy playgrounds equals dirty kids equals thank god mom keeps a change of clothes in the van.

It was fun until daughter lost her shoes to the mud goddess. I fished them out and she had to walk barefoot to the van. We came home and immediately placed all of our clothes and shoes in the washing machine.

Mental note: Do not let kids wear brand new shoes to the playground when you know it is probably going to be muddy. Make sure each kid has a full change of clothes in the car (only Moe did and thankfully it was her that fell into a puddle and not one of the others or we would have had to had left earlier).

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