Friday, March 09, 2007

The Joy of Internet TV

Just this week, I have found the joy of watching LOST on my computer. Since they switched to the 10-11pm schedule, I just can't stay awake to watch the episodes (and one week, I just forgot). I wish more companies would air their episodes on the Internet once they have played!

The girls have also found joy in watching clips on the computer. While watching something last night, they had a clip of the hiccuping panda cub. I remarked to Husband that I saw it on YouTube one day so off he went. And played it over and over, laughing hysterically. Then he showed it to the girls and now they request it. Others that they seem to like are the Hippo and the Dog, and the Wii clip.

And of course this was also a favorite. Unfortunately I couldn't find the video itself, but it is the first one on the clip. Really Big Universe is great for all you since nuts out there.

So, what are your favorite clips?

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Fairly Odd Mother said...

One of my favorite things it to check out Cute Overload and see what clips they have loaded. The kids love them too (the writing is cutesie wootsie, but it works here). I hadn't thought about watching shows on the internet! Since I fall asleep by 9pm most nights, I miss EVERYTHING!