Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to School

I can hardly believe it's time to go back to school already. Last June, I dreaded summer break. It seemed like whenever the three of them were home at the same time, they were always arguing. So I dreaded the almost three months of them being together every day. But I was wrong. They played well together all summer long. Sure, they had their moments, but they were few and far between.

Today we ran around doing some last minute things - haircuts, new soccer cleats (because I naively assumed that their feet wouldn't grow a shoe size and a half over the summer), and grabbing some lunch money for the week.

Yesterday we threw a end of summer - back to school BBQ with a few friends from school. It was nice. Everyone brought a dish, the kids played and the parents talked. I think it was the first time Husband actually got to sit down with other parents. We littered the back yard with school supplies and sent the kids on a scavenger hunt - which they loved! The weather cooperated. We were so worried with the reports of rain and thunderstorms, but in the end, aside fro ma few sprinkles right at the beginning, it was gorgeous. We couldn't have asked for a better day!

We are still waiting on two more things before I can declare us ready for school.

We need the backpack from L.L Bean to arrive for Meenie. Note the time next to the delivery date? I hope not!

We are still waiting on the short sleeve shirts for the formal uniform. The one's I ordered back in March. Only to pull out of the closet last week and realize that the collar is wrong. A call to customer service and not only did they allow me to return them for a full refund, they would send me the news one's right away. But then. They only had L and XL. For Einey - my XS first grader. And of course, this was the ONE time I didn't have a list of items I needed to order from ON. But wait, I can pick them up at a store near by. Oh wait, the closest store that has them in stock is Billerica? Um where is that? Luck was in my favor though as I was able to call the store and not only did they have the four shirts I needed in the color and size I needed, but they let me place my order over the phone. Hopefully I'll be lucky and will receive my order before school starts. If not, she can always wear the "summer" uniform. There is always that option.

I love the fact that they will being wearing uniforms (well the oldest one at least) as it means I don't have to spend hours with them deciding what to wear. They have a choice - navy shorts and a white polo (pants for winter) or a jumper and button down shirt and then gym uniform on Wednesdays.

As for the kids, are they ready? Meenie can't wait. It will be her first foray away from us for any amount of time. She's very excited and hates that she has to wait an extra week. Einey on the other hand is not as excited. She welcomed kindergarten last year with open arms. This year, she is afraid of work. She's afraid that first grade will be all work and no play.

We have one more full day home together before Einey starts school on Wednesday. Meenie starts the following Wednesday for three consecutive 1/2 days. So it will just be Moe and I. Uncharted territory. And I look forward to spending some quality time with her.


creative-type dad said...

I use to have to wear a uniform in elementary school and hated it at the time.
When I got into Jr. High, I missed it. Things were so much easier not having to worry about that...

Whirlwind said...

I hope they feel the same way!

Alex Elliot said...

There's a lot to be said for a uniform!