Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Meet our new friend....

Last week we were offered a new pet. it's actually something we had discussed in the past and it's current owner didn't want it anymore so we said sure.

New Pet: free Glass Tank: Free
Crickets (1 dozen): $1.06

Reptile lamp: $20.00

Light, water dish, bedding, climbing rock : $75.00

Hearing Moe scream when it jumped out of the tank when we were putting it in: Priceless

So in the end, meet Minty. Err Charmeleon. He is a green anole and fairly easy to take care of. The kids like him. Husband likes him. heck even I like him. Yes I know, he looks brown. That picture was taken RIGHT after he made his made dash for freedom - off the table, along the cabinets, through Moe's flailing legs (she couldn't move fast enough away), 1/2 way up the refrigerator and into a corner. He was a little stressed after his jaunt.


Jenifer said...

Better you than me, I am a firm believer that pets should have fur.. (I know I have hairless cats, but they still sort of have fur)!

lgauthier04 said...

That is sooo funny I am lmao You should have included a pic of moe's expression

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oh my. He is soooo cute, but I'd be so afraid he'd get loose and then I'd never be able to find him (he is a chameleon after all!). Then one day, I lean over to pick an odd stick off the floor and realize that it had eyes.