Friday, August 17, 2007

If you are having problems with your phone, press 1, with your DSL press2...


our records show...

So if you didn't guess, I'm having problems with my phone.

No, I'm not ignoring your calls. The kids aren't picking up and setting the phone down. Apparently (and both Husband and i noticed this yesterday) the phone rings once and sounds like it is answered. Then the caller is greeted by static. On our end, it rings 1/2 ring then stops. Not even enough to send caller ID data so I know who is trying to call. Not enough for em to set my answering machine to immediately pick up (I tried). Not enough to go to voice mail. If for some reason, I can answer on the 1/2 ring, you can talk to me. And I can call you.

But I'm waiting on an important call. Daughter's school called yesterday and apparently the paperwork the doctor filled out showed she didn't have her Hep B shots spaced out right (and thus, cannot start school until she gets another). A quick call to the doctor showed she actually had 4 (not sure why, it wasn't in my book) and when they filled out her school paperwork, they just put the last 3 (so yes they are in fact spaced correctly but just missing the first). Anyway, I need the school to call me back so I can get the fax number so the doctor can fax the correct paperwork over. however ,they can't call me.

And I haven't heard from Meenie's soccer coach (new so don't even know who it is) so hopefully they haven't tried calling and gave up. Please call back.

So a call to the phone company and I get automated crap (I just wish to talk to a real person, thank you very much) and according to them they will do line tests and have it repaired by 6:30 tonight. I hope so!

So in the mean time, call my cell phone if you need me. Or drop me an email. Or just wait a few days. I'm still alive and not ignoring your calls. Honest!

Edit: 2:30 pm and the phone company shows up. They fixed the issue (a corroded jack in the basement) and went on their way. Note to self: Get dressed in the morning so you don't greet the repairman in boxers and a tee shirt. Note to self 2: Assume they will send out a tech to fix problem and not call.


Jenifer said...

As far as the not calling thing? Yeah, add Charter to that list. I have met them in pajamas and a REALLY messy house (like had to kick the dirty laundry out of his way....) TWICE in the past month!

Whirlwind said...

LOL - yup I was still in my pj's. My house wasn't too bad.

Alex Elliot said...

We had that issue with the phone a while back. I'm glad it's fixed!