Friday, August 24, 2007

Playgrounds, Picnics and Rabid Raccoons.....

Which of these doesn't belong?

Today we met some friends at a local playground for a back-to-school lunch. We met so the kids could play with their friends before going back to school next week. To get "in the mood" for school, I packed a brown bag lunch for all the kids there and we had a picnic.

The kids were playing, the moms were talking, it was all good.

Until the Parks and Rec supervisor comes walking over to us and tells us "you may want to keep the kids close to you as we've had reports of a rabid raccoon in the park". The he proceeds to walk and focus his search over where the kids were playing!. So we call the kids away from the (fenced in) pond and trees and over to the playground area. Needless to say, we didn't stay long. It was hot, we'd been there for awhile and the kids were getting a bit cranky.

As we left I noticed a few other guys join him around the pond area to look. On of them was armed with a shovel.

The scary part is, it had to have been reported while we were there. because shortly after I got there (and about 1.5 hours before he came to look) the Parks and Rec supervisor had been there mowing the fields. He left about 1/2 before he came back with the warning.

Edited to add:
What is it with nature and us today? Not only did we have the raccoon issue, but Moe got stung by a yellow jacket. Has anyone else in New England notice them come out in droves this last week? They are everywhere! Then swimming at the lake, the "friendly" neighborhood water snake decided to come swimming by, not once, but twice! The first time it headed right for the dock Moe and Meenie had just vacated!


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Fairly Odd Mother said...

I hear you on the yellowjacket complaint----what is the deal with them? My little guy got stung on the CHEEK that other day at the playground---

Rabies is so scary. I would've hightailed it outta there too.