Thursday, August 02, 2007

Goodbye Little Friend

Last night, the girls lost a little friend. Rainbow the wonder Hamster passed on to that great rodent space in the sky.

Rainbow was given to the girls three Easters ago, making him roughly 2.5 years old. We knew his time was coming this summer, but it was still hard for the girls.

Over his time on this planet, he only bit Einey once and that was when she squeezed him. He survived the wrath of Moe until he was moved to a better spot high above. He wasn't played with alot, but he still liked to be cuddled when we took him out.

He is now buried beneath the lilac bush in the back yard. He's resting comfortably in his plastic tube (where he went when it was time) inside a sealed little box. Moe keeps asking if we are going to go out and get Rainy when he wakes up. She says "I miss Rainbow". The girls came down with us when we buried him to say goodbye. The each drew a picture and slid it inside his box. The placed flowers onto of his resting space. We found a perfect rock which we are going to clean off and paint as a reminder to our little lost friend.

Goodbye Little Friend, Goodbye....


Fairly Odd Mother said...

We've buried two birds, so I know how sad this can be for kids (and their parents!). Sorry to hear about your loss. Rainbow sounds like he was pretty cool.

creative-type dad said...

So sad...

I like your method of the pictures and the box.
When I was a kid - my dad just threw my pets in the trash (or flushed down the toilet when I was at school) :(

Jenifer said...

Awww, that's so sad :(

I have quite a few animals buried in my yard too.... most were from when I was little.

Major Bedhead said...

So sad.

We buried several pets in our backyard over the years, as well as numerous baby birds that fell out of trees and various things that our cat brought to the back door as trophies. It's sort of weird to think that there are other people living in that house now, where all my pet memories are buried.