Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Freedom is not free"

*The post title comes from a billboard at a local VFW

Yesterday was Memorial Day. Einey marched in the local Memorial Day Parade with her brownies troop. Growing up, I remember marching in our local parade. We made stops at four cemeteries on the way where Taps was played, and there were 21 gun salutes. Einey's parade was small. It consisted of a small amount of local veterans, a middle school band, high school band, 2 brownie troops, a daisy troop and cub scout troop. The attendance at the parade was dismal to say the least. After the parade, there was a short ceremony at the town green, which unfortunately, we couldn't hear.

While I know the current war is not one many people support, but it's still hard to understand why people wouldn't want to honor those who have died giving us our freedom. Many young men and women have fought in numerous wars for our country. They are doing it for us and our children. Unfortunately that freedom comes at a cost.

The girls had alot of questions yesterday. And we answered them as best as we could. Einey remarked after looking at the Wall of Connecticut soldiers killed in Vietnam that "wow, that's alot of people". We explained that yes, it was lot of names, and that those names were from just one state for one war. Husband then showed her pictures of the National Vietnam Memorial Day.

And so, while spending the day as a family, we also took time to reflect on the past. We gave thanks for those who dies and also those who risked their lives so that we can live our lives in freedom.

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Life As I Know It said...

What a nice reminder. You're right - these holidays aren't the same as when we were kids. I remember big parades too.